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    Data Upload without Mapping

      We have received a file, which is to be uploaded in Essbase through FDM,and the columns and rows in it consist of dimension members appearing in Hyperion Planning.

      Can we upload data without creating a mapping in this case?
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          You will need to create an entry in the LIKE mapping for each dimension where the source and target are both * (the wildcard character).

          When data is imported into FDM it populates fields in the data segment tables such as ACCOUNT, ENTITY, UD1 etc. It then uses the mapping tables to populate the translated target fields e.g. ACCOUNTX, ENTITYX, UD1X etc. If you do not have this *:* mapping then when you import data into FDM it will leave these target fields blank and it is these that are used when exporting data from FDM for load into the target system (Essbase in your case).

          Nb. having blank target fields is also what causes the mapping error screens to appear when you are importing data manually into FDM (following the 'fishes') using the web client.

          There are examples of these like mapping entries in the admin guide if you need them.

          Hope this helps
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            sorry but mapping is a FDM processs stage(part of validate) which cannot be skipped.

            Yes, there is a way to do this very quickly.

            For that you need to add some "Like" mappings to your location maps across all dimensions.
            Make Sure, Each dimention in the maps should have atleast one entry that defines the target of Members in loaded data.

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