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    automate sign flips

      I know how to manually change an account for a sign flip via mapping...

      I have a dozen locations with the same map....how can I easily automate?

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          As I understand you have many locations with same mappings that are being used just for differentiating based on Entity, etc And the data mappings will be same.

          There are 2 ways to do it:

          I. In this case you can use "Parent Location".

          1. First create a location and add those mappings and respective sign flips on that location.
          2. And then tag this location as Parent Location to all other locations where these mappings are to be done.

          So whenever there are any mapping changes, you just have to do it on parent Location and FDM will automaticallu reflect all changes/updations to other locations.

          Also refer to the HFM admin guide for details on "Parent Location".

          II You can do the mappings on one location and
          then use "Copy" to copy mappings to other locations by selecting locations one by one

          I would prefer first option


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            thanks for the insight. I was hoping I was overlooking something...

            There are also many parents, so I was hoping to do some automated table update...when I get to it...

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              If you need to update the tables automatically, you'll want to put triggers on the map tables. The trigger (depending on how you configure it) will execute each time a row is added, deleted, updated and then you can have it do whatever you want. Of course, I'm sure that voids your warranty and could go wrong if you don't properly write your trigger so think carefully about that.

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                thanks for the heads up...