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    PIM Sync On Demand


      Using PIM Sync i am syncronizing Appointments ,Contacts and Tasks between On Demand and Outlook. I have installed the PIM Sync from our CTE environment .My Query is if i have to synchronize the things in our another environment do i need to Uninstall the pim sync which is installed for the cte environment and do i need to install the pim sync again for stage environment? If i can edit the url which is used for the stage and cte ,how can i edit it?

      Srinivas Merugu
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          alexn (crmnow)

          If you search for your POD name in the registry you'll find the keys to edit to point it to a new POD. I've done it for OEI I assume it works for PIM Sync as well. WARNING - you need to know what you are doing with the registry editor, you can damage your system if you do something wrong so make sure you check with an expert first.