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    Access denied when trying to show table in jsp fragment?

      I've had one page which has been groving obese over time.

      Now I've started to split out parts into jsp fragments using f:subview
                        <f:subview id="frontStoreSupport">
                          <jsp:include page="/frontStoreSupport.jsff"/>
      The new jsp fragment (frontStoreSupport.jsff in this case) has it's own frontStoreSupportPageDef.xml which contains the binding entries I use in the page.

      My problem is that ADF Read Only table's on this page get an "Access denied." where the content is supposed to go, despite the fact that they worked fine
      in the original page.

      I've been into the Application > Security > Resource grants and added view to my application role, exactly like it was set up in the first page..

      Any hints here would be greatly apprichiated