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    Any tool like Swing for J2EE?

      Good afternoon, to see if I can clarify with your help.
      I'll do a migration to Java application that we use in my business. I will not go much into detail, but basically it is an application that uses multiple users from several different profiles, so only one application that I have thought about doing is a "web platform" where it all together.
      My knowledge of Java are regular, basic know-post-university J2SE, J2EE and little else. I started to do small things with JSP and good things seem to me comes in handy for my project, I have only one problem I have not found the solution (due to my ignorance). The problem is I do not know how to edit the forms-page visually. I do not know if there is anything Swing style, something like "design mode" where you can drag buttons, checkboxes, images ... but oriented to web. I've come to ask what I need is an editor such Dreamweaver, and then take the HTML to NetBeans ... the truth is that I'm lost.
      For that, I need to know how to edit J2EE developers websites, whether directly in HTML or PHP, whether via a Java tool or by external programs as Dremweaver web editing, or otherwise not know.
      Thank you very much.
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          Forget that visual editors exist. If you want to do dynamic web programming, learn to do it through code, not by clicking. This means you'll have to know how to read, write, change and debug HTML, CSS and Javascript; the very minimal set of skills required for any web developer. There is nothing stopping you from using a tool like Dreamweaver to create the basic HTML/CSS framework, but it stops there.

          To make that process easier you may want to check out the Eclipse IDE as it has the ability to instantly make visual what you create without having to open your application in a browser, which can be a big help. That will add another thing to your TODO list though, learning how to properly use an IDE like Eclipse; you have to crawl before you can walk.