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    CRM on Demand Dashboard Prompts

      Hi All,

      When creating dashboard prompts in a custom dashboard created in CRM On Demand, I'm not getting my 'expected' filtering results.

      The specifics:

      1.) The prompt is set for the specific page
      2.) I am trying to filter on Fiscal Year and Quarter. Although not all reports on the dashboard use Fiscal Quarter/Year, most do...and the ones that do, still don't work.
      3.) I decided further testing was required with this functionality, so I did the following:
      3a.) Created a new dashboard - titled 'Opportunity History'
      3b.) Selected two reports using the subject area 'Opportunity History'. Both selected reports have a Fiscal Year column in the report from subject area: Opportunity History
      3c.) Created a dashboard prompt for Fiscal Year using the Opportunity History subject area.
      4.) Added the dashboard prompt to the new dashboard with ONLY the two reports for 3b above
      ...the results are still the same, no interaction.

      Any help would be very appreciated. I have gone through Michael Larison's Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting book, but still wasn't able to solve this issue.

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          When you said you are not getting expected results, did you mean you don't see some records that you expected to see? Or the report and the dashboard are not talking to each other?

          In the example you provided, hope you have set the Fiscal Year field to "Is Prompted" on the report.

          If still doesn't work, please provide more details

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            The following needs to be done:

            1. Please pull the fiscal year column in the report.
            2. In the filter please select Is propmted
            3. You can delete the column after applying the filter.
            4. After you select the Fiscal Year in the dashboard, please click the "Go" Button in the Dashboard.

            If after doing this the report still does not work please mail me at spaul@crmit.com


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              Does anyone have clear insight as to why some dashboard prompts will work with all reports (Like fiscal date) and others won't (like division) ... I know it ties to the Subject Areas the reports used, and the selection of the dashboard prompt. What is standard practice? Is it multiple dashboard pages per subject area with the associated dashboard prompts?