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    Oracle WebCache (, Forms server and SSL Handsake Error


      We have a WebCache server (e.g., web1 outside firewall) which we are using as reverse proxy to get to the Oracle forms' server (e.g., form1 inside firewall). Form1 server also has its own WebCache and the forms are available under port 8094 (https://form1:8094/forms). We have configured the form1 as a origin server under web1.

      So, our configuration needs to let us go to forms with the following URL:


      All the ports are configured and open. If we use non-SSL then it's all good.

      Kind of confused about which SSL certificate from the forms (form1) server do we need to import to the web1's wallet? I tried export/import of Self Signed Webcache1 certificates but no help.

      Get this error in event_log

      [webcache] [ERROR:32] [WXE-11904] [security] [ecid: ] SSL handshake fails NZE-29040

      Anybody have done this before? It'll help a lot of grief.

      Please let me know if you need any more information.