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    bulk location update

      I need to update 150 locations with one row of data...I have extracted the FDM_ID's

      ...does anyone know what tables I will need to insert into?

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          Is it one row of actual data in the import or validate step or one row of a mapping? The mapping can be updated for multiple locations using one xls file, you can take an export of the mapping of one location for an example, modify it with the different partition keys and the one row of mapping, update the range that begins with UPS and import the file.

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            it is only one row, three columns of values I need associated with a location, in addition to the IS and BS

            I would need three more mapping is this case...don't think I want to do that...if I don't have to.

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              There is not really a way to bulk update a location. You can use templates to update the mapping for the location, but any changes to the settings in the location should be done within Metadata > Locations in the interface.