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    FDM11.1.1.3 Data protection switch issue


      I have custom dim in HFM as

      Under C4


      Under mv:

      Under nt:

      My data load method to HFM is replace.
      I am loading data on mv1 from tb file but i need to protect manual entry at mv2 and nt1,nt2
      So pls tell me how to achieve this by Data protection.I hope i need to modify export script to achieve this

      Pls help me to resolve this ASAP .Can somebody tell me how to modify the script with an example????

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          You don't have to modify the Export action. Just use the not equals (<>) operator in the data protection settings.
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            We achieve this using 'Replace by Security' load method and only giving the FDM user security access to write to specific HFM members (in our case a single member on Custom4). This way we can load our TB data whilst protecting any manually entered data.

            Hope this helps
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              With that setup in HFM it is not going to be very easy. The issue is that Data Protection only allows you to specify a single string as the protection value. FDM then searches for that string in the entire HFM intersection string i.e. concatanted combination of all HFM Dimension members and if it finds it will execute data protection based on the data protection operator. Therefore you need to have a substring in somewhere in the HFM intersection string that uniquely identifies the data you want to protect. Based on your example of the members in your dimension you do not meet this criteria. If you gave all members that were for manual input only a unique suffix i.e. _MAN then you would be able to achieve what you are looking for - but make sure the suffix you use is not part of any member name in any of the other dimensions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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                I have updated the hierarchy as it was not clear earlier
                As per this hierachy the only option is to update the export script specifying the custom members i need to protect.
                Furthermore, it is not only one member mv1 but multiple such members which are getting loaded from tb
                Can u help me to modify the script please to accomodate selective members
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                  Thanks .Here i am using batch loader to upload data with admin user.So
                  1) Batch processing does not support Replace by Security
                  2)For admin usser there is no impact of security class

                  Does Batch loader support replace by security in
                  Any idea?
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                    Thanks a lot!
                    I need to check this out .But this makes me delete all my data and make changes to entire setup!
                    Can we do something with export script to achieve this?
                    I do not know how to modify it
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                      It doesn't yet, although I understand that an enhancement request has been logged so hopefully it will in later releases. Take a look at this thread as I think it is getting more and more common for clients using batch procesing to implement a 'workaround'.

                      Batch Loading using Replace by Security

                      Although Oracle will not officially support changes to the adapter the change we made was very straightforward and could easily be backed out should the need to re-instate the original adapter script be required.

                      Assuming you are using batch, are you loading a single TB file or multiple? Even if you are loading multiple C4 members, if you are using a single source file and a single batch admin user then the replace by security could work for you, providing no other users have write access to the C4 members loaded by the batch script.


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                        Yuo should review my last post in this thread. This will likely address your needs.
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                          Thanks Tony . But i had taken only few members of the hierarchy and there is not only mv1 but many others including icp movements that are coming from tb file
                          So, your option is not sufficient It was my mistake that i mentioned only 1 member coming from tb file.
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                            Can u please assist me in modifying the export script to include multiple custom members for data protection?

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                              Thanks a lot!
                              But can u please elaborate on 'batch admin' user please.Right now we have an HFM and FDM admin user loading data to HFM.Can this user be restricted
                              to load data on member C1-a and if he has no access to C1-b then it will not be able to overide C1-b data.
                              Because as far as i know, security access is not applicable to HFM admin user and it can overide any data.
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                                When I say 'batch admin' I was just referring to a generic system user account created specifically to run the FDM batch and load data into HFM. It does not need to be an admin user on the HFM side so you can create your security classes and use these to restrict the intersections that can be written to / cleared if using 'replace by security'. I'm not sure that it even needs to be an admin user on the FDM side although this kind of batch user usually is so that they can access all FDM locations.

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                                  hyp big bee
                                  After all security, i modified my load with

                                  If API.State.GblnBatchLoadActive Then
                                                 objLoadParam.varOptMethodValue ="3"

                                                 End If
                                  Still data gets cleared.
                                  How and what API i can use to check filename ends with3?
                                  Will above code not work?
                                  pls help ASAP
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                                    Your post is not very clear. Please take the time to provide an overview of the problem and your process that is "not working"
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