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    want 'browser' as a field in webcache logs

      i want to have the type of browser that user is using being displayed in webcache access logs,
      i checked all the fields available in the webcache and none of them gives out browser type in the access logs,
      can anyone suggest steps to have it, if it can be displayed in ohs, or weblogic then it's still okay....
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          AFAIK viewing & accessing the webcache related access, event logs at browser level is not recommended. Since Webcache product is deployed and installed at DMZ/Web Tier Layer, enabling or opening the port 7786 (firewall rules has to be designed according) at the terminal servers and providing access to administrator for viewing the logs is not acceptable. The same will be applicable to the end-user or possible hackers who can retrieve/access the sensitive info if log files are copied and configured with Webcache-OHS under htdocs folder (Which doesn't have any authentication for accessing logs).

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