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    hyp big bee
      After all security, i modified my load with

      If API.State.GblnBatchLoadActive Then
                     objLoadParam.varOptMethodValue ="3"

                     End If
      Still data gets cleared.
      How and what API i can use to check filename ends with3?
      Will above code not work?
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          Well if your data is getting cleared then the answer is apparently not. Your question is quite vague could you frame it in a better context please.
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            Hi Big Bee

            Thanks for posting a new thread, the API that you are lookign for is PstrFileName, this will return the entire network path and file name so you will need to do something with it to then check the final character in the load method is a '3'.

            It will also be important where in the LOAD action script you are inserting the piece of code that you mention.

            Hope this helps, let us know how you get on
            Stuart :-)