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    Measure Specific Maps

    Lokesh Rathi

      I am thinking for using Measure Specific maps functionality of IOP. I think it would be useful for me.
      I have one RS - I wanted to map two columns to one dimension - specific for the Measures.

      How I can Use Measure specifc maps ? Do i need to make all the columns which i wanted to map as key Columns in RS.

      Can somebody elaborate about scenerios where I can use the above functionality and what would be the impact on the model.

      Lokesh Rathi
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          I am not sure whether Measure Specific Maps functionality is useful for scenario as you mentioned here (I have one RS - I wanted to map two columns to one dimension).
          Normally we use Default Map functionality while creating mapping between Rowsource to cube. This mapping is ok when there is single loaded measure mapped with the particular column of the rowsource.
          But when we have to create two different loaded measures maped with the same column of the same rowsource then we have to create additional mapping through Measure Specific Maps functionality.
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            measure specific maps are when you want to map the same rowsource to the same cube different ways for different measures. I am not sure that is what you are trying to do.