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    Need information on Item Catwgory setup


      Can any one help me with steps of Item Category Setup.

      What exactly I want to know is....How the Flex tructure is related with category_sets and Category?

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You can have item categories that have different number of segments. Consider the following example that gives an overview of category setup.

          Marketing wants to classify the items by the country they are sold in. (e.g. US, India, Japan)
          Purchasing wants to classify the items by the commodity code and sub-code. The commodity codes are Paper, Plastic and Metal. The corresponding sub-codes are
          Paper > Thick Paper, Thin Paper
          Plastic > Rasin, Styro
          Metal > Copper, Aluminum

          So for the marketing structure, you need categories with 1 segment.
          For purchasing, you need 2 segments.

          So you create 2 structures under the Category flexfield.
          Marketing structure one has 1 segment; Purchasing has 2.
          You also create appropriate value sets and assign them to the segments for each structure.

          Then you go to Item Category Codes screen and create new categories for these 2 structures.
          Then you define 2 category sets - Marketing and Purchasing.

          Hope this answers your question,
          Sandeep Gandhi