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    Essbase Studio???


      I have created one application in Essbase Studio and trying to deploy to essbase but i am getting the below error.
      Failed to deploy Essbase cube
      Caused By: Cannot end incremental build. Essbase Error(1060053): Outline has errors
      \\Outline verification errors:
      \\Aggregate storage outlines only allow any shared member [FL20] once in a stored hierarchy, including prototype.
      \\Shared member [FL20] precedes its prototype.
      \\Aggregate storage outlines only allow any shared member [FL02] once in a stored hierarchy, including prototype
      \\Shared member [FL02] precedes its prototype ..........................

      And i need to assign some alias names to some members manually, I tried with Alias set manager but i am getting the error
      unit : \'integer' cannot be converted to unit : \'string'. Line = 1

      Can you please let me know how to resolve these errors.

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          Have a read of the studio manual - http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/est_user.pdf - section - "Placing Actual Members Before Shared Members"

          Also Have a look at setting the dimension to multiple hierarchies enabled - Convert BSO to ASO


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            Hi John,

            Thanks for the quick response.
            I have gone through the document and now deployed successfully.
            But the total figure was not matching with the totals which i have loaded through EIS.

            Can you please let me know how to add alias manually, which is not available in table.
            In EIS i used to write alias name and add as alias then it will be added.

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              The first error you are seeing is becase you are loading to an ASO cube and by default, dimensions are created as stored hierarchies. You need to change them to dynamic or your design to have multiple hierarchies enabled.
              For the second go into the metadata members and there is a second tab for Aliases, you should be able to add the alias there, I don't remember off-hand, but I think text has to be enclosed in double quotes
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                Thanks Glenn.

                Now i am able to create alias.