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    Instant Client Connection Problem - Excel 2007 to Oracle 10g

      Dear users,

      I would some help to connect Excel to Oracle.
      I am using Excel 2007 (32-bit) on Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit. I want to connect to an Oracle 10g database through our local network using ODBC. I need to fetch some data once into an excel sheet.
      There are no firewall issues or connection issues between my current machine , as I can connect from my machine, using SQL developer as a local client to the Oracle Database which is on another machine on the network.
      I tried to make an ODBC connection but Oracle is not listed as a driver.
      I beleive ODBC is the best way to do this, but please correct me if I am wrong.

      It is an Oracle 10G database.
      I downloaded instantclient-basiclite-windows.x64- a
      I also downloaded the extra ODBC components: *Instant Client Package - ODBC: Additional libraries for enabling ODBC applications.

      I unzipped both in a folder called C:\instantclient_11_2
      The system path included that. I checked after rebooting.
      I placed my tnsnames.ora (which I copied from the server) in that folder.
      I got ti from the server : D:\Oracle\Ora10gR2DB\network\admin\tnsnames.ora

      I ran the exe "odbc_install" and It told me the ODBC was intalled successfully.

      When I went the control panel, administrative tools, ODBC

      In the user dsn tab

      I added a new entry. I chose the Oracle driver (previously it was not in the list)

      Used the following values

      Data Source name: OracleL
      Description 123
      TNS Service NAme: I chose fro ma drop down menu our prod environment. (There are two entries with the production name, one in caps and the other in lowercase)

      Userid: my username

      I tried Test the connection and got this:

      Unable to Connect

      [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist

      Any suggestions please.

      Thnaks in advance.


      Thanks for all your help, in advance.


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