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      I am using the Apache XML RPC these days and I have a basic program running. I want to have multiple entries in my XmlRpcServlet.properties file but I could find out a way of doing it.. if you can point me to any tutorials/links or pass on some info, it would be really helpful.

      Thanks !
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          If the project docs don't contain what you want to know, there is little hope for you.
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            I don't get it.. what do you mean?

            To rephrase my question, let's say I have the following entry in my XmlRpcServlet.properties file -

            Now I want to expose another public function to the client defined in a class called Machine. If I had just one class, my .properties file would look like below

            but I have two classes with two public methods which I want the client to be able to call.. I hope I've made myself clear.
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              If the answer isn't in the project documentation you certainly won't find it here. Try looking for a forum full of XML-RPC experts.