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    Custom Reports Configuration within OER

      Oracle Enterprise Linux R5U4 32 bit
      Oracle BI Publisher 11gR1     

      We have managed to introduce some custom BI reports, but would like
      to be able to add additional sections to the reports page on OER, It seems
      that we can only add a single one. Creating additional ".toc" files do not
      seem to be recognised by OER. The only ".toc" files recognised are the standard
      ones and "custom.toc". Furthermore, the xml files that "custom.toc" refers to
      only seem to support very limited capability compared to the other
      files (e.g. projecPortfolioProductivity.toc, etc...)
      We really need to extend our custom reports significantly over and
      above what appears to be available and utilise the full capability of
      BI Publisher