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    How to find the xml schema from XML ?

      I have some xml files to work on them. I want to modify the schema of them. but I don't have any xml schema. please help me I want to get the xml schema from xml file. if there is any tool or api to get back xml schema, please let me know.

      Thanks in advance

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          If you are simply wanting to edit the XML, you can do that as simple as using Notepad (or vi). You do not need a schema to edit an XML file. A schema is simply defines a structure/format that certain XML should adhere to and only if you validate the XML against the schema.

          If you are wanting to create a schema based on an XML, many XML editors should offer this feature. Some of the pay ones are XMLSpy, Stylus Studio, and Oxygen XML Editor.
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            I had the same dilemma a while back and came across [Liquid XML Editor|http://www.liquid-technologies.com/xml-editor.aspx] , you can get a fully working version for 30 days under their trial offer which should be long enough for you to do what you want.

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