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    FDM Validation Rules & Check Report

      Hello FDM Group -

      I have a simple question of 'can this be done' in FDM. I'm hoping the answer is yes..... I have written several successful validation rules in FDM. Everything works beautifully. However, is there a way to suppress the validation rules that are OK (i.e. the ones who have passed the validation rule) and only display the ones that show 'Error'_ b/c they failed the validation rule.

      The reason I would like to suppress the ones that pass from being displayed on the report is b/c I've written in about 60 validation rules (which make the check report a little longer than what I would like). Can I write in conditional script as part of the validation rule which would suppress if the validation rule from displaying on the check report if it passed the validation rule (and only display the ones who failed the validation rule and show 'error'.

      I.E. The validations rule I wrote in the case were centered around was to make sure a base level unit cannot submit a negative addition or a positive deletion. I have so many PPE accounts I don't want to show them all if they pass (only the the ones who fail).

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