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    When does visibility settings for analytics/reporting take effect?

      Hi all

      Do I have to wait 24 hours for these settings to take affect in analytics/reporting:

      1. Access all data in analytics (changed in role management - privileges)
      2. Can read all records (changed in role management - record type access)
      3. Manager visibility (changed on user profile)
      4. Reports to (changed on user profile)

      I have a hard time finding any documentation about this. Except for nr. 4 where I found the following in KB 562908.1:

      "If a company has changed its reporting/team structure on that day. The manager/team visibility view of reports will not reflect the new structure until the following day."

      I have not seen this anywhere else, but I guess it's correct since the changes I have done in "report to" has not taken any effect during the past hours. The strange thing is that I experience the same for nr. 1-3. Could this be related to caching issues or is there indeed a 24h wait period for all of these settings?