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    Change OS and Server


      I have EBS 11.5.9 in Redhat Linux 2.1 32bit, and I want to change the server with Redhat Linux 5.3 32bit.
      Anyone could help me what is the Pre-req or the doc.id.
      Can I move the EBS to the new server with Rapid clone way..?

      Please advice.

      Jimmy Siagian

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Please refer to these docs/links.

          Oracle Applications Installation Update Notes, Release 11i ( [ID 316806.1]
          Oracle Applications 11i Installation on OEL5 or RHEL5 [ID 730444.1]
          Recommendations to Install Oracle Applications 11i [ID 294932.1]
          Oracle Database on Unix AIX,HP-UX,Linux,Mac OS X,Solaris,Tru64 Unix Operating Systems Installation and Configuration Requirements Quick Reference (8.0.5 to 11.2) [ID 169706.1]

          Oracle Applications Installation Guide: Using Rapid Install

          You can use Rapid Clone to migrate the files (relinking is not required as it will be done as part of Oracle Apps cloning) -- Rapid Clone Documentation Resources For Release 11i and 12 [ID 799735.1]

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            Hi Hussein,

            Thank you for your help.