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    weekly Login history

      Hi, experts

      I want to list the user login history of current week. I checked the usage tracking subject area, but I didnt find the login time field. and the system has the monthly login # report, but seems there is no weekly's and not supported.
      Please help.

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          Hello Zhou,

          I believe that you want to view the users that have logged into the system in the present week. This is my understanding of the requirement.

          Please do the following:
          1. Create a report in the Usage Tracking Subject Area.
          2. Pull up the fields in the report that you want to display.
          3. Please pull the last sign id field in the last.
          4. Apply the formula, WEEK_OF_YEAR(Employee."Last Sign-in") in the column function (fx part)
          5. After the function has been applied then apply the filter on the same column. The filter should be applied as SQL Expression, and the value in the expression should be WEEK_OF_YEAR(NOW()). In case you are finding difficulties to apply SQL Expression, please send an email to spaul@crmit.com and I would help you with screen shots.
          6. You can hide the last column

          You will get the report on users who have logged in the present week.

          Let me know if this works or you still are facing issues.

          Paul Swarnapandian
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            Paul, thanks for your reply. We have a KPI for users that the user at least logins to system 4 days a week(7days). not 4 times; use this to track if the user update/create data in time. so the ideal report looks like the following;
            user_name, week1, week2, week3, week4.
            aaaa, 5days, 4 days, 3days, 1 days;
            bbbb, 2days, 4days, 3days, 2days;
            we will run this report at the end of month ir the early next month to see the last month logins;
            Any suggestions,
            Thanks, Tiger