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    Archive details for purchase order

      We have the requirement as below -
      1. The Purchase orders(70 in number) are cancelled by ASCP plan run and the line quantities have become 0 for those lines with closed_reason as 'Close status rolled up'.
      2. Now business wants to reinstate them.

      Need to know :
      1. from where we can get the old line quantities for these purchase orders.
      2. Is there any place from where we can get the archive data for purchase orders.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You cannot un-cancel a PO.
          But you can find the old quantity from po_line_locations_all table's cancelled_quantity column.
          And then create a new PO.

          Depending on your setup for PO archiving, you will be able to find the old data in the following tables

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi