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    Analysis vs Reports

      Hi all, im using the BI in OCRM, and i have a question about the difference between reports and analysis.
      I read the help, but i think it cant resolve my problem:

      I created a report with data from Account and Contact entities, filtered on one field, the Indexed_Pick_4.
      The filter type is "contains any". The result was only 20 records.

      But, if i create an analysis on "Account Contact History" with the same filter, i got more than 200 records.

      The results have not any intersect.

      Why? I think these datas have to be the same in real time and in aggregated form...
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          oli @ innoveer

          In real-time the relationship between Account and Contact is an inner join. E.g. If you are using the Contact subject area only and you add Account information, only Contacts associated to an Account will be returned. In Reporting it's an outer join e.g. if you're using Account Contact History, Contacts will be displayed whether they're related to an Account or not.


          Oli @ Innoveer
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            Ok, i understand it, but on what depends this?
            The contact elements in big list are associated to an account. I see them as account related information, and in the exported entity is see the account's id.