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    Get basic programming experience and routine


      I would like to practice basic algorithm writing in java properly. Do you have any tips on it, where can I find good material?

      The background:
      I am looking for a job to start to work as a Java developer, but I don't have any serious programming experience, nor do I have academic background in informatics. (I studies Physics). I have been learning Java for 10 months in my spare time and I am familiar with the basics now.
      Last time when I went to an interview, the guy who was an experienced professional said that he saw it in me to become a developer, I only need more practice, "finger exercises" to have a routine with basic algorithms. He also suggested to study and experiment with different data structures.
      edit: He said my general OO and Java knowledge was already good enough.
      So what I need is a lot of easy programming exercises with proper solutions provided in Java.

      Any tips?

      Thanks in advance.


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