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    Improper Approval hierarchy for 1st time Change request on requisition

      Hi Gurus,

      Problem Description: Whenever the 1st time change request for price is done on a requisition in iprocurrement, the approval hierarchy always stops at the immediate approver of the creator irresepective of his approval limit.

      Steps to reproduce the issue -

      1) Create a requisition and subsequent order and get it approved.
      2) Do a change request on the requisition for Price.
      3) On clicking Next at step no. 2, The requisition approval always shows the immediate approver of the preparer as the last approver irrespective of his change amount limit.
      4) Submit this change request and Get this change request approved.
      5) Do a second change request for Price on the same requisition.
      6) now at step no. 2, the change request this time will follow the exact approval hierarchy as per the rule defined.

      We have tested this on number of requisitions with defferent set of projects, tasks and expenditure organizations. but result is always the same.

      Please suggest which package is called upon when the approval Hierarchy is 1st displayed in step no. 2 of change requisition. Please suggest how to rectify this error.

      Since the list appears before the change is submitted so that time there is also no record created in the PO_change_requests table and the workflow POREQCHA item_id is not generated. please suggest how this list is build up and displayed at step no. 2.

      Sam D

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          Hi Friends,

          I got the function name responsible for creation of this approval hierachy list.

          This function contains the customized version of POR_APPROVAL_LIST.get_approval_list (this is directly from Self-Service Pages of iProcurement invoked).

          This function returns a list of return approval. It has 2 important IN parameters.

          1)The parameter p_default_flag indicates that the default list itself should be used.
          2)The parameter p_rebuild_flag indicates that the list again (rebuild) should be made.

          If both p_default_flag, p_rebuild_flag are equal to 0 this function gives the already created list approval returned.

          Can you suggest me how this package is evoked from Self-Service Page and how to find out what values are passed for parameters p_dafault_flag and p_rebuild_flag at the time of change request?


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