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    Cron jobs failing


      I have sceduled a cron script to autologout the users if they are idle for more than 1 hour. I have added that to the cronjobs and scheduled it to run every 30 minutes.

      But i got the below mail,
      Your "cron" job

      produced the following output:

      kill: 5310: permission denied
      kill: 14614: permission denied
      I m running the cronjobs as a informix user....i have set the permission of script as 777.
      eventhough i m getting the same error.
      Can anybody please help me out to run this script in cron job?

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          It sounds like your cronjob, which is running as the 'informix' user, is trying to kill processes belonging to other users. This will not work. To kill processes owned by other users you would have to run it as 'root'.

          As an alternative you may modify your script so it only tries to kill processes owned by 'informix'..

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            Hi Abrante,

            I tried to run the cron job as a root. But it neither killed the idle sessions nor through any error message to /usr/mail/root.
            It didnt do anything to kill the idle users. Do i need to do any changes in any of the files or any changes to permissions to make it to run?
            Please help me out to solve this problem.

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              Stupid question: Is the password for 'root' expired? Cron jobs will not run for users with expired or locked passwords...
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                If you are to kill any user, not just the user as which you are running the cronjob you will have to run the cronjob as root. If it doesn't give the expected behaviour you should start debugging it from there..