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    Problem with installing Java EE with JDK Bundle

      Hello everyone

      I downloaded the Java EE SDK with JDK update 25 bundle for linux
      The file end in .sh. however when I run the executable I get the no jar found message. Do I need to install jdk before I install jee and if I do then why do they provide them bundled if you have to have the jdk first before installing jee.
      Another question also, how do I change my handle in this forum? I didn't pick this number!!
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          Yes, it is a bit stupid. You need the jar command which usually is available if you have a JDK installed but there are other ways of just installing just jar. Also note that some people already have an older JDK installed, thus jar is available and when they install this bundle they get a newer JDK.
          Anyway, for changing your handle, you can do that from 'Your Control Panel' and then Edit your profile.