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        In my alert log, I noticed this warning

        WARNING: inbound connection timed out (ORA-3136) but thats a minute ago, not sure if thats a part of the problem thats causing ORA 03135

        Any comments?
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          Lubiez Jean-Valentin,

          I checked the page and I do not know what kind of information I should look for in the v$Session and V$Process. The 2nd point highlighted in the page is about timeout parameters, is it only for idle connections or are there parameters also for active connections?

          Please enlighten me on this.

          Thanks a lot.
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            Sunny kichloo
            For ORA-3136 thisthread will be helpful

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              I will keep an eye on that error and see if it repeats. The error is to do with the connection time.

              But, now, I desperately need to fix the developers' problem in using the database itself for development.

              Could someone help me
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                Here is my sqlnet.ora (after including new parameters)
                SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME = 4
                SQLNET.SEND_TIMEOUT = 300
                SQLNET.RECV_TIMEOUT = 300
                and I have turned on tracing and still I dont see any changes.

                Its getting disconnected and nothing is being logged in alert log, trace files, and in listener.log, sqlnet.log
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                  Lubiez Jean-Valentin

                  I think you may have more details if you enable tracing.

                  To do that you may add the following parameters on the sqlnet.ora from the Client of your Developers:
                  trace_directory_client=C:\temp     # Or a known directory           
                  trace_unique_client=true        # Add '_pid' to trace filename
                  The link below will explain you the steps to follow:


                  Then, when the error occurs you may check the trace file.

                  There's a tool to check the trace file ( trcasst ):


                  You may report here the result of this investigation or open a Service Request and send them the traces files with all the details about the error message you got.

                  Also, it's important to understand. Did it work before ? If yes which change in your information system happened (New PL/SQL code ? New Network component or configuration ? ).

                  Hope this help.
                  Best Regards,
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                    I am making the amendments as per your suggestion.

                    No, it has never worked before, we had a different web based system to work with the database server all this while but today its down so, we wanted to work using our client from the pc but we couldn't and we had the problem earlier but we were not so bothered as we had alternative ways.

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