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    how to interact with the document of a desktop application using java

      Hi folks,

      My requirement is to do file conversion. So, i am in need to interact with a third party application using JAVA. Is there any way to do this in JAVA without using their own APIs?
      If so, Guide me to proceed the standard procedure. Else, give me any idea to proceed the requirement which i given below.

      * Adobe InDesign CS4 document has to be converted to XML file.
      * The document's extension is .indd (Can open only in Adobe InDesign CS4 Application)
      * Adobe InDesign has its own Javascript. Using this script an .indd document can be converted into .xml file.

      **I have to convert this .indd document into xml file using Java**
      **Also Multiple documents has to be converted concurrently on the server side**

      But, I haven't any idea to proceed this using JAVA.