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    Database Vault explicit forums

      Hi gurus,

      Is there an explicit forums for Database Vault or I should post my thread about that here?

      thank you.
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          Peter Wahl-Oracle
          There isn't a specific one for DBVault ... please post here.

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            As Oracle Database Vault guide when I need to export (expdp) some objects protected by a realm I need to do three things:

            1-I must include the user that will do the export job into the default dictionary realm
            2-I must include that user into the realm that protects the object I have to export during the export time
            3-If I have to do an import (impdp) that user must have the database vault default role that allow create,drop and alter users. Right now I do not remember the role name.

            So I do not want to do the export job using sys account that why I create a new user and granted it the datapump_exp_full_database and of course I did the three things I related with the realm. However when I do the export it end with fatal error due to realm violation. Also if I include sys user into the realm too, and later do the export with the second user (not sys), the job end ok.

            Nota: With the second user I can export any object that are not protected by any realm.

            I do not know what happen.