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    How to generate XMI from the UML diagrams


      I am developing a UML modeling tool like Visual Paradigm or Visio that would support drawing UML Class and UML Sequence diagrams having support for Aspect Oriented UML and code Generation in Java and AspectJ.

      Presently i am working on the Modeling Environment that would allow the users to Drag n drop the standard UML notations for Class and Sequence diagrams on to a Canvas.....and draw the respective diagrams like this.

      My next step is to go to Java and AspectJ code Generation and for that i would first need to generate XMI (XML metadata interchange) for the drawn diagrams.
      So how could i generate XMI..? Is there any Java Library/API for that...??
      Also if there is any code generation API available that takes XMI as an input and generates Java and AspectJ code....???

      Thanks in advance.