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    Steps to diagnosis a Self-Services Web Page in iProcurrement

      Hi Gurus,

      I have the function name responsible for creation of approval hierachy list while making a change request.

      This function contains the customized version of POR_APPROVAL_LIST.get_approval_list (this is revoked directly from Self-Service Pages of iProcurement invoked).

      This function returns the list of approvers. It has 2 important IN parameters.

      1)The parameter p_default_flag indicates that the default list itself should be used.
      2)The parameter p_rebuild_flag indicates that the list again (rebuild) should be made.

      If both p_default_flag, p_rebuild_flag are equal to 0 this function gives the already created list approval returned.

      Can you suggest me how this package is evoked from Self-Service Page and how to find out what values are passed for parameters p_dafault_flag and p_rebuild_flag at the time of change request?

      This function is called at step no. 2 of change request process where the list of approvers is displayed on screen. Please suggest on how to diagnosis this page so that i can get the values passed to the in parameters of the function.

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          You can debug the same by turning on the profile Option FND%Dia% at User Level to Yes.

          This will create one link at bottom "Diagonistic" (you will need re-login after setting profile option). Click on link and select "Show Log on Screen" and click on Statement Level.

          Click on GO.

          Now this will generate the debugs for all the trasaction. Now repeate the entire Process and then search for you procedure/fucntion.