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    Serive contact Auto invoice program is not populate with sale order number


      Thanks a lot, it really resove the issue. Now I am facing one more issue in creating the invoice. I activated the service contract after I submitted it for approval. And the SC status is changed to active. Now I want to create the invoice. So I went to request to run request set called 'Service Contracts Billing Set' which inclusive of 'Service Contracts Main Billing' and 'Auto invoice Import Program'

      While I try enter in to the parametes of Auto invoice Import Program, it thorughs a error message saying that 'Sale order number doesn't exist. Where as the expected result is the contract number itself will be auto populated as sale order number in sale order field of parameter.

      The error message as follows

      'Value 22222 for the flexfield segment (low) Sales Order number does not exist in the value set

      22222 is my service contract number

      Please help me to resove the issue.
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          To generate an invoice for a contract using Auto Invoice Import Program,first the contract has to be billed using Service Contracts Main Billing Program.After the data gets dumped into RA tables using Service Contracts Main Billing Program,invoice can be generated.When trying to give the contract number as parameter for Auto Invoice Import Program,error would be thrown as the contract is not yet billed .

          To resolve the issue follow the steps.
          1.Run Service Contracts main Billing for the contract.
          2.After the Service Contracts main Billing program gets completed,run the Auto Invoice Import Program with the contract number as input.