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    How to prevent OpenSSO to LDAPS client authentication

      I have an OpenSSO server set to connect to a Sun DSEE 7 LDAPS server, with the SSL "server only" option checked on the OpenSSO side.
      But I still see the following error in LDAPS server logs, although SSL client certificate authentication is set to "allow" on the LDAPS server side :

      [07/Apr/2011:16:35:55 +0200] - ERROR<4190> - Authentication - conn=-1 op=-1 msgId=-1 - Internal error Internal search base="CN=my-server.mydomain, OU=my ou, O=my org, C=my country" scope=2 filter=objectclass=*, Result : 32 (No such object)

      It seems like the OpenSSO server still tries to send its certificate to the LDAPS server to authenticate, while it should not. How can I prevent the above error message,
      provided that I need to have client authentication set to allow on the LDAPS side