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    ERS - Taxation on Purchase Order Lines


      We are on 11.5.10 and I am using the Pay on Receipt Functionality.
      We also would like to generate the taxes, based on the tax rates assigned with Supplier Site.

      Supplier Site : Linked with Tax Rate TR1 of 6%.
      PO Line : Expense Item is for $100.
      PO is approved and when used Inquire -> Tax Summary, I could see the splitting of $6.00 into Non Recoverable - 5.55 and Recoverable : 0.45.
      But I do not see a distribution for tax line for $6.00. I ONLY see the distributions line for $100.00 as Expense.

      Tax Default : Supplier Site (1), Ship to Location (2), Item (3), Supplier (4), Financial Options (5).

      Received the Goods and Submitted 'Pay on Receipt', which in turn created the invoice.

      Invoice Header : $106.00
      Inv. Distribution is ONLY for $100.00
      There is no additional distribution line for $6.00.

      Can you please review and advise for any missing steps.