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Number Format of sum() Function in Data Definition

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I'm using the XML Publisher shipped with E-Business Suite and I have a problem when it comes to using the sum() function within the data structure section of the data definition.

The number values normally have '.' as a decimal sign but when I use the sum() function the numbers of those elements (and only those) have a ',' as the decimal sign in the output. I.e. I'm ending up with a XML output that contains some fields with '.' as decimal sign and some fields that have ',' as decimal sign.

Here is what my data definition looks like, the ACCOUNTED_DR/CR values are from a database query that returns a value of type number:
<group name="BALANCE_CCID" source = "Q_JELINES">
             <element name="PERIOD_NET_DR" value="JELINE_ROW.ACCOUNTED_DR" function="SUM()"/>
             <element name="PERIOD_NET_CR" value="JELINE_ROW.ACCOUNTED_CR" function="SUM()"/>
             <group name="JELINE_ROW" source="Q_JELINES">
                 <element name="ACCOUNTED_DR" value="ACCOUNTED_DR"/>
                 <element name="ACCOUNTED_CR" value="ACCOUNTED_CR"/>
And here are the corresponding parts in the output:
Does somebody know how to work around this and get same decimal signs for all numbers in the output?



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