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    schema for Linux/AIX

      Hello there,
      I'm working on migrating all OS(Solaris/SuSeE/AIX) users from openLDAP to Sun(Oracle) Directory server 7.0 and having some issues with schema while loading the data into Sun Directory.
      Can someone tell me where to get the LDAP schema for these OS?Here is the error i see in Sun LDAP Directory server while loading the openLDAP data...

      has unknown object class "suseObjectTemplate"
      has unknown object class "suseGroupTemplate"
      has unknown object class "suseModuleConfiguration"
      has unknown object class "suseGroupConfiguration"

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          Perhaps you find the following helpful:


          +/etc/openldap/schema/*.schema – Directories follow specifically defined schemes. These .schema files define several standard schemes. Referencing these .schema files in /etc/openldap/sldap.conf applies these schemes to the openLDAP directories. There is extensive documentation available for /etc/openldap/sldap.conf and the .schema files in the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Administration Guide, sections 21.8.2 and 21.8.3.+