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    Weblink syntax for 'between' operator

      Hi Guys,

      I have created a report based on campaign. I have campaign start date, contact first name, contact last name, and few other fields. In this report i have campaign start date as prompted. I would to bring the data of this report in an applet and pass campaign start date with between parameter. Somehow between parameter doesn't seem to work. I even tried passing gt and lt parameters, but unfortunatley only either gt or lt seem to be working and not both.

      I know i can create a dashboard with start date as prompt but i want to avoid creation of extra dashboard and extra report.

      It would be great to have inputs/suggestions from you all.

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          You may find this link to be helpful. It's actually from the Oracle BI documentation, but much of it applies equally well to CRM On Demand reporting, too.


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            Hi Chris,

            Thank you so much for that link. It really helped.
            Below is the combination for anyone who wants to try between operator

            Go&Path=%2fshared%2fCompany_ADQA-3FZG2G_Shared_Folder%2fCampaign+Reports%2fQuarterly+Report+Count&Options=rfd&Action=Navigate&P0=1&P1=bet&P2=Campaign."Start Date"&P3=2+2/1/2011+3/1/2011