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    How to avoid login prompt when viewing reports


      I am trying to access a report that I have put in the shared reports folder

      I have copied the URL, see below, from the copy shortcut link.

      However I am being prompted for a User name and password


      Can you please advise

      a) If I can bypass or default a username and password in the URL

      b) If the above is not achievable then do I need to set up each person, viewing the report, with a username and password and somehow pass these credentials in with the URL.

      Thanks in advance,
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          or maybe single signon with your LDAP server :)?
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            You can avoid login prompt by passing username and password in the url.Sample is as below:-


            j_username= Your configured userName
            j_password= Your configured password

            This login will lead to Oracle BAM default page from where you can select different activities like ActiveViewer,Active Studio,Architect and Administrator.

            To allow users to see only Active viewer page, You should give report viewer role only to login user i.e to userName [same name from which you are login into the page].After configuring view report role all other button will be disabled except ActiveViewer. User can click on Activeviewer button and then can select the report.

            Gyan Sharma
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              Tried this method but it is not working but it doesn't seem to work for new users
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                Jahangir Pasha
                Hi Kevin,

                I am sure its too late to post a reply for this question but it will be useful for others.

                Yes, you can bypass the login prompt by implementing SSO to the BAM with a default username/password.

                You can write a simple java code to simulate the process of submitting a login form, thus allowing users to access weblogic protected resources, like BAM report URL, without re-entering the username and password in the login page.

                You can use HTTP client API to simulate Form Based HTTP Authentication. It will have to first post HTTP request to authenticate default user 'weblogic' and then from HTTP response get the cookie and pass it to the subsequent HTTP request (with the report URL) to access protected resource.

                I had the same requirement and it worked for me :).

                Jahangir Pasha

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