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    R12 Asset Category on Org Level of Item Must Populate when passed to Assets


      There is a Bug Number: 8439748

      This issue crosses from Inventory, through Purchasing, Payables & Fixed Assets.

      Everything about the Oracles setup points to the fact that if you populate the Asset Category on the Item at Org Level that it should stay with that item, right through to Fixed Assets

      Currently if an Asset Category is populated at Master Level on the item it gets populated on the Asset after the “Create Mass Additions” program as been run in “Payables” and before the “Prepare Mass Additions” program is run.

      Current Functionality for the Expense Account populated at Org Level of an item
      1. The Expense Account on the Item at Org Level is the Asset Clearing Account.
      2. When a Requisition is created this expense account appears as the Charge Account on the Requisition.
      3. This turn is populated as the Charge Account on the Purchase Order.
      4. From this it populates the distribution line of the Invoice.
      5. When the Create Mass Additions program is run this item then appears as an Asset to be prepared.
      6. This exact Account appears as the Clearing Account on that Asset

      Ultimately I would like Category to act the same as the expense account.

      The bug is hard to follow nearer the end, so I am wondering has this actually been fixed/changed?

      Has anyone encountered this before?

      Have you got any suggestions?

      Again as always your help is greatly appreciated & needed

      Thank you Damien
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          Karthik Gopaluni
          Did you check the patchses suggested by Oracle at the end of document which is..

          Please apply 8444110:R12.AP.A and then apply 8569158:R12.FA.A.I am reasonably confident that this is duplicate of 8569158:R12.FA.A.*** 06/12/09 03:25 am ***Reasoning: We need to ensure that AP and FA versions are in sync/latest so the AP patch followed by FA patch.

          I can see how this got missed during development..generally the attribute Asset Category is controlled at Master Level (in atribute controls) and it might have been hardcoded to take it from master rather than looking at the setup..