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    jdk1.6.0_24:javadoc converted MS932 to unicode in field value of constant.

      Dear Sirs,

      I have three questions about Javadoc creation.
      1. Will DBCS(Double Byte Character Set) with MS932 only in field value of constant be converted to unicode?
        The following sample is one of the results that DBCS was converted to unicode in Javadoc.
      Javadoc: "\u25a1\u25a0" <---unicode of "□■"
      program list:
      static final String ANIMATION_ICON="□■";
      2. Is this Javadoc's specification?
      3. Is this a result by Java's specification although I know that unicode is available inside Java?
      Please tell me any tools available for DBCS with MS932 to show a readable character in Javadoc.

      My development's environment is as follows:
      Windows XP SP3 x86 version
      Eclipse 3.6(Helios)
      file encoding: MS932
      Although Eclipse 3.6 supports Javadoc creation, it is not workable at present. So, ".bat" file which described "javadoc -private -d doc Player.java ........." was prepared. This ".bat" file ran on command prompt and Eclipse package explorer. The results were same.

      Noriko Etani
      Kobe Institute of Computing, Japan
      Email: etani@kic.ac.jp/kerotan@kcn.ne.jp

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