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    advice on storing/retrieving saved game state for browser based game


      I am working on a video game written in javafx. The game will be played as an applet on the browser. I am undecided as to how go about saving and retrieving game state. I was wondering if I can share some ideas I had and get some feedback from different people.

      The ideal implementation is where a user goes to play the game and it knows where they last left off. The user can then chose to start over again from the beginning or continue from where they left off.

      1) Automatically save game state as a file on the users computer.
      -a. Will the browser permissions pop-up look different to the user if I am reading/writing files?
      -b. Am concerned that people will not want to execute a java program that is writing/reading files on their disk.

      2) Save game state on remote server using RESTful services.
      -a. Besides username and IP is there anything else I can use to distinguish a unique user? I really want to avoid having users manage another username and IP addresses change.
      -b. I could user email as a username, but am concerned that the player would not want to provide their email due to spamming concerns.

      Thank for any advice and thoughts you can share.