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    get String from ListView.ites

      I have httpDataSource that is flexible setting query depend on date in computer. and then i have listView that take items value in sequence datatype from url httpDataSource to fill my label text in String data type. I converted listView.items to String in function seqToString. Return value of seqToString named result be value of my label. My problem i wanna get value item in string my label in first event clik but i cann't. I can get value my label in second click. Please somebody help me. This is my code event Click

      function btnOkLoginOnMouseClickedAtLogin(event: javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent): Void {

      And then function convert value of ListView.items to String to get label value in Text :
      function seqToString():String{

      httpdata.url = "{URL}&query=SELECT%20e%20FROM%20News%20e%20where%20e.lastDate<%22{now}%22";

      def tes : ListView = ListView {
      items : bind for(record in httpdata.getDataSource("news").getRecordSet().all()) record.getString("content");

      for ( item in tes.items){
      result = "{result}...{item.toString()}";
      return result;

      Please somebody help me. Thank you before and i'm sorry my English is not good enough.