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    olite vs microsoft sync framework


      what are the diffrences between olite and microsoft sync framework for windows mobile devices (mainly but also for other mobile platforms like android).
      what are the pros and cons of each and where one is better than the other;

      our main interests are:

      -supported platforms
      -sync process
      -schema evolution
      -installation of application and its updates
      -monitor synchronization tools and sync history
      -user management
      and any other you might think that is important

      does anyone have any research on this?please share your experience and opinion

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          I have looked into the Sync Framework stuff and it is a good tool set. But it really depends on the context that you are using it. It is based on .NET... so, once again you are limited to what you can deploy to. Sync logic is mostly on the client... so I presume the clients are limited to MS based devices... Maybe Linux with Mono. Sync logic on the client is for the purpose of being able to sync to more then just one type of Database. The sync logic is easier to manage in Mobile Server. But at the end of the day, the solution comes down to the context that you are using the sync solution for. I don't know the price of Sync Framework, but it seems to just deploy straight to IIS... So I presume to costs are similar to .NET applications.

          I haven't had time to do a deep dive into Sync Framework, but from what I have read and looked at, this is what I have taken out of it.