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    JavaFX Project   Migration from 1.3 to 2.0


      after considering several solutions, my company finally decided to use JavaFX.
      Our product is currently using JavaFX 1.3, it's been a hard work to do it, and we have many lines of code in JavaFX Script. It's been a surprise for us that JavaFX is going to be no longer supported, so we are a bit sceptical of migrating to 2.0 because it will suppose a lot effort.

      One tool which have helped a lot in our development has been the gui builder provided by NetBeans to create the interface, and it was an important advantage which helped in the final decision of using JavaFX, I guess many JavaFX users decided to change to JavaFX for the same reason.

      We've been testing the new JavaFX 2.0, but the NetBeans plugin for JavaFX 2.0 doesn't include any builder, so everything needs to be done in code without any WYSIWYG editor.
      In our final decision of keeping JavaFX for our project or leave it, we need to know if NetBeans or another IDE is planning to implement a builder and when.

      Can anyone response these questions? I'll appreciate if someone can give me any email to contact the developers/responsible of JavaFX to get any official answer.

      Thanks for your help and time.