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    Your thoughts on a Flex MXML like type of Application/Node definition file

      Hey guys,

      We all love Java code but in my opinion building GUIs using code only, is a hard task. A hard task to build, a hard task to read and a hard task to maintain.

      Currently I am working with Flex 4.x and it feels like defining components in declarative way seems to make things easier/faster for the programmer. Take also for example JSF. I love the way I build pages using JSF with XML and using the expression language and everything. I also believe that it would also be easier to create an application/node designer easier in this way. Another thing to consider would be states which were available in the Netbeans JavaFX designer.

      I know it's early to expect something like this from Oracle but I really believe that it would also help Flex developers to switch to JavaFX easier. If I am not mistaken Silverlight also uses XML.

      I see it implemented in a similar manner as the JSP XML syntax compilers are implemented. XML -> Java Source File -> Java bytecode.

      If Oracle is considering something like this which would also be open source I would certainly participate or if you feel like starting an open source project somewhere sometime (soon) let me know.

      FXML? It sound good!

      Thank you in advanced guys!