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    loading data from public databases


      I am interested in knowing more about support available to load data from public databases in Oracle database for life sciences databases technology.

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          Charlie Berger-Oracle
          Oracle provides a variety of data loaders including the basic or standard SQL-Loader means of accessing data.

          If you have the Lion SRS system, Oracle and Lion have partnered for a SRS Gateway for Oracle users to access the data SRS assembles.

          Other options include External Tables, Streams, Oracle Data Mining's JDeveloper add-in for importing data, generic ODBC gateway and Transparent Gateways to all the major databases e.g. DB2, MS, etc.

          Hope this helps.

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            Having attempted to load some embl records using Oracle Warehouse builder 10.1 I was dissapointed to find;
            that on import of table, using the OWB designer, I get data "type unknown, column skipped", when it meets a CLOB.

            I was kind of hoping that it would not be phased by the presence of a LOB and it would just get on with it.