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    How to configure Netapp 2020 with Solaris 10 (M5000)

      Please help if anyone have idea of connectivity of one Netapp 2020 dual controller to Solaris 10 based M5000.
      Is STMS or MPXIO multi-pathing supported?
      Does the devfsadm is enough to get the connectivity?
      Is there any special license required?
      What HBA to be installed?

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          Solaris dos'not require special license for connect any device.

          You need ask NetApp for get anwser on your questions.

          According http://www.netapp.com/us/products/storage-systems/fas2000/fas2000-tech-specs.html NetApp support Solaris as host platform and not require additional license for base features.

          STMS and MPXIO is same product.

          You can try configure MPXIO for FAS2020 accoridg this doc: [http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19253-01/820-1931/gfjtx/index.html]

          Some usefull commands:

          Best choice - ask NetApp how correct connect FAS2020 to Solaris.

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            NetApps all use the same OnTap - and the hardware and the software licenses determine your connectivity. The 2020 has 4 ether (1gb) and 4 FC ports and supports FCP, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS. I believe there are bundles, but yes, each option is a purchased license.

            Here is the Interoperability for the NetApp systems. I usually go with QLogic HBAs with Solaris (IF you need fiber channel).

            Why not use NFS and cluster up an IP off the netapp for the M5000 to use? That would tolerate the controller's failover.