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    wireshark and Berlekey DB Replication

      I search the Web for a decoder that could analyse the messages involves into BerkeleyDB replication
      for debugging/understand purpose.
      do you know something like a wireshark plugin ...

      Thanks you in advance...
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          To know every message between sites, you could start running wireshark to capture TCP packets with the master and client's host and port before their replication start. After replication starts, all TCP packets would be tracked then. You would need to decode and understand the packets to understand the HA messages.

          If you want to understand them in higher level, you could display replication verbose by setting DB_VERB_REPLICATION in DB_ENV->set_verbose(). Please refer to http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17076_02/html/api_reference/C/envset_verbose.html.

          Hope it helps.

          Emily Fu, Oracle Berkeley DB